Super Sprite Fighter: Changelog 12/14

Super Sprite Fighter, as it exists today has gone through several revisions and I wanted to provide a brief update on where things stand with the game.

For those of you who have been following the story closely know that the game needed to be rebuilt because of problems with the logic tied to the Event System.

The need to redesign the entire system was due to events from the Spine animation files creating undesired behavior.

Specifically, characters were grabbing on to events that did not belong to them (jumping was being fired for Grep when it only should have for Simona for example.

That being said, the rebuild is mostly complete at this point and I am reimplementing basic components to the game (blast zones, knockback properties for certain attacks, etc.)

There are still some wonky things you have to deal with code-wise, but this is more getting used to the new way the code behaves than anything else.

The nice part is that I now get to rely on Unity’s native state machine. This helps the game’s code be more supportable in the future.

At any rate, updates are going to be made on a weekly basis moving forward and will feature screenshots, videos and feature updates on what is being done on the game.

For this week, I am sharing a simple screenshot of my Trello board to show what is being worked on.

Week Ending 12/13/2020

The full board has more items, but this helps me develop an understanding of my work output each week and provides benchmarks for improvement.

This upcoming week, I am working on the following:

  1. Wang Chin Special Neutral (Fix bug where hitbox is not appearing on the projectile).
  2. Blast Zones (reimplement spawning system to spawn position)
  3. Fix Floating
  4. Replace the Dynamic loading from menu into new scene
  5. Reimplement Ready-Go UI text at start of game
  6. Add a Debug Component for handling audio that is equal to the game manager
  7. Fix bug where menu music keeps playing in game and play game music instead
  8. Add two sound effects for impact.

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