Greengold (11/23/2019)

Super Sprite Fighter has opened a new chapter in development.

The first four characters are officially done and we have broken ground on a new character. We are happy to announce the addition of Greengold, the Goblin Demolitionist to the cast.

The screenshot below is the initial concept work drawn by our new character artist, Fred who runs an independent character art studio in Belgium called Purple Puppet.

Greengold began as a hybrid. Somewhere between a cloak-and-dagger d&d like rogue and an explosives engineer. We began fleshing out some of the details, such as adding a cigarette to give him something permanent he can use to light bombs with and also to add some general style.

After some discussion, we decided that the sneaky rogue and loud, in-your-face explosive archetypes ran against one another. As Fred put it, we had to decide between him sneaky or loud.

We ditched sneaky and leaned fully into the loud aspects of Greengold. As a result, Greengold lost his dagger, but added dynamite and a timed bomb to his arsenal of weapons (still in progress).

After adding some more color to his design, we are steadily making progress on Greengold, who is quickly becoming one of my favorites in the cast.

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